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Moonwave – Caribbean Full Moon Nov 2018

The November Full-moon was just to spectacular to not be shared … a beautiful moon-set just at sun-rise ;-) Pictures taken at anchorage in the bay of Marigot [Saint Martin, FWI]   Lots of “Moon” & no “Wave” for Moonwave at the anchorage this spec
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Caribbean Islands Nov 2018

Moonwave has well arrived in the beautiful Caribbean islands. Find out more details about our trip from the US East Coast to BVI in the following article – Caribbean Landfall 2018. Now it is time to enjoy the islands, warm temperatures and beautiful clear waters… Here are
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Caribbean Landfall Nov 2018

Beginning of November – the days were getting shorter and the temperatures were dropping, time to head south towards the islands of the Caribbeans. For Moonwave’s owner it’s a tradition to participate in the [ARC] Caribbean 1500 Rally from Virginia to Tortola, BVI.  He has
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Moonwave at Anchorage in Norfolk, Virginia

It’s end of October and after a great time in the Chesapeake Bay, we have arrived in the area of Norfolk, Virginia. It is time to get ready for sailing south towards the sunny islands of the  Caribbeans. The area is great for last preparations before the trip. The anchorage clos
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Moonwave – Plants on board…

Herbal Plants on board Moonwave
A couple of weeks ago I got some interesting questions in the comments of one of my articles covering our Hybrid System – As we are pretty “energy efficient” with our solar power and regeneration through the propellors under sail as well “making” our own
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