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Beautiful South East Florida

St. Lucie Inlet

Moonwave is back in the US and in Florida for the moment. We are getting ready for the summer up north in New England – Newport and Boston. This time we are in the area of Stuart, just North of West Palm Beach and the surrounding is beautiful – lots of little canals and creeks.

We came in on a quiet day in St. Lucie inlet after a nice sail from the Bahamas and even if the channel is quiet shallow there is a lot going on. Lots of fishing boats and also all kinds of sailboats.

I am still looking for the famous manatees – each time I hear some noise in the water under and around Moonwave, I check for the manatees but none of them has came to check out Moonwave yet or at least not that I have seen them. (I will post a picture if I see a manatee). Most of the time it’s just fish that chase each other or some of the numerous pelicans. We saw a turtle swimming in the water next to the boat the other day – the turtle was eating the seagrass growth off one of the boats. The water is greenish but clean and warm, and hopefully there are really no alligators as I was cleaning the hulls the other day and really really don’t want to meet any of them.

People are very friendly and helpful around here and we find them very service-oriented and used to work with luxurious yacht but without being focused only on Megayachts. So far we enjoy the warm temperatures and the conveniences of Florida and getting a lot of things done to be ready for the summer. Supplies are also easy to find or order and we appreciate that the suppliers and workers know what they are talking about ;-)

Here some more pictures from the top of the mast – enjoy the view…

Stuart - small sailboats

Beautiful South East Florida

Photo May 22, 09 04 18

Moonwave's crew Sophie has been with the boat from the beginning and enjoys to share her adventures on board on our Moonwave website.
  1. Christine Strait

    Beautiful pictures Jimmy.