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Moonwave – Electric Installation – no rocket science

The work for the new daggerboards [Moonwave – New Daggerboards] and the new Torqeedo Saildrives [Moonwave – Deep Blue Hybrid System] required structural carbon work on the hulls, with lots of carbon dust… As electrical and electronics equipment don’t like carbon dust at al
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Moonwave – Transatlantic crossing May/June 2018

Transatlantic crossing 2018
Moonwave’s second transatlantic crossing is in the books – the first time East to West. We had a good passage but next time if possible will stick to a normal “schedule” with departure from the Canary Islands between Nov to Feb. We left Lanzarote a bit “out of season” for transa
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Moonwave – Solar Panels

As mentioned in one of my previous posts [Moonwave – Deep Blue Hybrid System] – it was part of refit to get Moonwave equipped with a serious amount of solar panels. In the last years the solar panels made huge performance progress and the solar cells themselves got lighter
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Moonwave – Deep Blue Hybrid System

Moonwave – Electric Propulsion & Hybrid System After years of development and working close with the engineers from Torqeedo by sharing our needs and requirements for Moonwave – we now have the complete Deep Blue Hybrid System installed on board. We had already several
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Short trip to Amsterdam for METS

METS – the world largest Marine Equipment Trade Show (B2B) To explain it in one word – METS is really “huge”. About 1.400 expeditors and about 22.000 professional visitors. We spend all three days to meet our suppliers & technicians and this was awesome. As we are doing some modif
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Innovative Hybrid System

Moonwave under power
Congratulations to Torqeedo for winning the Pittman Innovation Award from Sail Magazine for 2016 for their Deep Blue Hybrid System – check out the article. We are very excited to be part of the project and Moonwave is really looking great on the cover (and couple of other pages)
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Our catamaran’s hybrid system works great

catamaran in action
Here just a short update as we get often questions about the hybrid system as the system is very new and exciting and didn’t work out that well on other boats that tried earlier. We have the pleasure to have one of the first hybrid systems that really works and love to do regene
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