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ABC of Lockdown – B for Birds

The birds have to be divided in several sub-groups, not very scientific but efficient:

  • Small singing birds: some came every morning to wake us up with a song. Gently annoying!
  • Other small birds: they loved to sit on the lifelines, lines and on top of the dagger boards. They rarely sung for us but left lots of “traces”.
  • Small birds with yellow belly: they came around just before lunch and chased the other small birds away
  • Pelicans: lots of pelicans around – some were living on the abandoned sailing boats at the anchorage. We prefer to watch them and not share Moonwave with them…
  • Boobies: more frequent at the beginning of the stay
  • Frigate Birds: they were circling around in the bay always looking for their next catch and stealing from other birds in flight, real acrobats those guys.

Comment: Please check out the pictures and if you can identify some of the birds, please let me know in the comments below.


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