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Moonwave – New Daggerboards

Moonwave got some new features during her latest refit and as mentioned in one of my last posts – Moonwave will now be easily distinguished by her new Daggerboards. First we need to give you a short background information about the original “board” set-up on board Moonwave. We w
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Moonwave – New Boom

When looking at Moonwave from a distance, before she was easily recognizable by her blue metallic paint and the radar dome at the point of the longeron. The paint stayed the same – she got a nice new paint job of the same color & the radar got removed [more info about electr
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Beautiful Brittany/Bretagne in Fall 2016

Please enjoy some pictures from Brittany/Bretagne in Fall 2016 – so far the weather has been great. We only had a few rainy & humid days since arrival. Since a couple of weeks, the trees are changing colors – not as “bright” as New England last fall but sti
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