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Pacific to Indian Ocean [Nov 2020]

Here is the second part of our trip from Tahiti to the Indian Ocean, with a stopover in Bali. I just asked Sebastien, captain of Moonwave for one word to describe the trip from the Pacific side of Papua to Bali, his answer was “long” ;-) In general it was a long trip from
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Mooring in Hong Kong

Tsing Yi Docks by night
Here my last post (for the moment) from Asia as we have changed location recently. We are now in the USA (East Coast). As already mentioned in my last post it is really important to have a good agent in Hong Kong as space in marinas is very tight. Especially with the size of the yacht
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Hong Kong – Provisioning & Purchasing

First things first, it is very helpful to have a good Agent who assists with the clearance, booking of mooring, give great tips for boat related, everydays life as well as he/she can give tips for sightseeing for gets, transportation etc. Especially if you are in Hong Kong for a short
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Different style of “race boats”

All year long there are lots of different races and regattas going on and Gunboats are participating very successful all over the globe. At this time of the year the races in the Caribbean are very popular. As racing is that much fun and these full carbon fiber catamarans are fast cru
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Summary of Cruising Thailand – Andaman Sea

Krabi beach
I noticed that I have never given an overview of our cruising and sailing in Thailand in the first half of 2013. Just to let you know that we won’t be back there for next season but we enjoyed the Thai hospitality and beautiful sailing grounds. We will sail further east in 2014
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Sailing to Hong Kong

Hong Kong harbor
As “experienced” Gunboat 60 sailors, Sophie and Sebastien were part of the delivery crew of Gunboat 60/02 FLOW from Xiamen to Hong Kong earlier this month. During the whole trip we didn’t see or cross any other sailboats but thousands of fishing boats and cargo ships
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Fresh Fruits, Fresh Fish & Fresh Food

food on board
A couple of good reasons for a TROPICAL CRUISE on board Moonwave – Fresh Fruits, Fresh Fish & Fresh Food, …  A cruise or charter in the tropics offers not only great opportunities to experience beautiful sailing, anchorages and  beaches, discovering local cultures and
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Singapore – what a “haze”

catamaran in haze
One of the “trademarks” of Singapore is the busy shipping traffic. There are hundreds and hundres of cargo ships, tankers, tow boats and ferries in the traffic separation lanes, crossing and at the anchorages. Navigation in this area requires a lot of attention, by day and
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Photographer’s trip in dream location

vacation onboard
We joined the yacht Moonwave off the island of Phuket and within hours we were blasting downwind towards another island. It was a fantastic short hop to blow the cob webs away from the 20 hours of flights from London. In a beautiful bay we anchored and settled into our very comfortabl
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Discovery of the Thai waters around Phuket & Krabi

North of Phuket
Since two days were / are “checking out” the waters around Phuket for our next “family cruise” in February. First we went north to discover the bay of Phang Nga – hundreds of islands, some hidden caves and beautiful landscapes. We cruised very quiet (we l
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