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ABC of Lockdown – O for Occupation

Hard to stay occupied at anchor for three months. At the beginning we serviced all major systems like steering system, rudder bearings, winches etc. Everything got inspected, cleaned and maintained to be ready for the Pacific crossing. But once the job list was almost worked off, only jobs that needed special parts or specialists were left. We have lots of spares and tools on board but there is only so much that you can do… We are social people and like to share and exchange with others so those three months have been very long for us. We kept good spirits and are even more motivated now as we are back on track. Talking to friends and family was taking a good part of the time which was nice, as the time spent quicker and we were getting news from all over the world. Something we do not get to do enough in “normal times” as always caught up in our respective lives.



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