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Crossing the Indian Ocean – Part I [Feb 2021]

Bali, Indonesia to Victoria, Seychelles  Total: ~ 4800 nm Indonesia is a big country with 4th biggest population worldwide and lots of island and covering a huge area. Already during the first part of our Indian Ocean trip, we noticed that the superior distances. Papua to Bali took us
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Bali – Indonesia [Nov 2020 to Feb 2021]

A beautiful Island rich in culture and history  Lat/Long: 08°48  South / 015°14 East Originally we were only supposed to do a short stop-over in Bali to re-provision and rest and than continue our trip across the Indian Ocean. Luckily for us, just before we arrived, Indonesia put a sp
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Pacific to Indian Ocean [Nov 2020]

Here is the second part of our trip from Tahiti to the Indian Ocean, with a stopover in Bali. I just asked Sebastien, captain of Moonwave for one word to describe the trip from the Pacific side of Papua to Bali, his answer was “long” ;-) In general it was a long trip from
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