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Impressions from New England – July 2015

Panorama Sunrise

Moonwave and her crew are at the moment in New England – so far we have visited parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, other area are planned for the rest of the summer.

Moonwave at sunrise (no photoshop)

We are impressed by the active Sailing community in this area. There are lots of sailing boats of all different sizes and they are often to be found on the water. The majority of the boats is really well maintained. There is also lots of racing going on in different classes from small kids to serious offshore racing. It looks like there is always something going on. The racing specially on smaller boats sometimes must be quiet tricky as there are lots of fish traps and lobster traps around and sometimes it feels like doing a “slalom” when avoiding the buoys.

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Sailing community Newport - kids

12m racing


We had a great 4th of July weekend on the water with lots of sailing and great time on board Moonwave. We went to Block Island, Cuttyhunk and a couple of other nice anchorages. We enjoyed a beautiful view of fireworks on three following evenings with an very impressive full moon as well. The moon was almost more spectacular than the fireworks.

orange Full Moon

Here are some pictures that show different aspects from our life on the water around Newport and Boston.

Newport, RI:

Moonwave in Newport - photo credit Marc Chevrony

Passing under Newport Bridge

Thanks to Marc for the great picture of Moonwave passing close to Fort Adams under sail. The second picture above shows Moonwave passing under the Newport bridge – lots of clearance but still always strange to pass under a “fixed” structure with a sailing yacht.

Portsmouth, RI:

amazing light at sunset

Reflection on the Hull

lots of boats in Rhode Island

There are lots of boats and great facilities in Portsmouth, RI. We enjoy the great service at the Hinckley Yard with great facilities. And the amazing sunsets…

We are impressed by the number and variety of sailing yachts – most in immaculate state. It’s great to see that people take great care of their boats.

Jamestown, RI:Sunrise at Jamestown, RI

Sunrise at Jamestown, RI

We stayed some nights at a mooring of the Conanicut Marina (Jamestown, RI) – here again, great service and very nice people.

Cape Cod Canal:

Fishing vessel in Cape Cod Canal

Cape Cod Canal - two bridges

Cape Cod Canal - railway bridge is down

We took the “short cut” through the Cape Cod Canal to go to Boston. We got the “timing” right as it is important to cross the canal with the right tide. We had up to 4.5 knots of current with us which helped us to have a very quick crossing (with almost no noise under electric engines). When passing the first time we were wondering if the railway bridge got used a lot, on the second crossing we actually saw it in action. Impressive when the whole bridge gets moved up and down.

Boston, MA:

Skyline of Boston - July 2015

Around the corner from Rowes Wharf (Boston)

Around the corner from Rowes Wharf (Boston)

Around the corner from Rowes Wharf (Boston)

Boston skyline - Rowes Wharf

Our first trip to Boston and we loved it. Here again, we enjoy to see that there is a lot of sailing going on. The above pictures show the great skyline of Rowes Wharf – we are moored right in front. We are already looking forward to returning in a couple of days.

More pictures and articles to come soon, make sure to check our blog on a regular basis…

Moonwave's crew Sophie has been with the boat from the beginning and enjoys to share her adventures on board on our Moonwave website.
  1. Baba Gounj

    Welcome to Nahant Harbor .
    Beautiful looking vessel .

  2. Robert Tibbo

    Hello Sophie,

    How long do you plan to stay anchored in Nahant?

    Rob Tibbo

    • Sophie

      Dear Rob,

      We left again on Sunday but we enjoyed the anchorage and surrounding, great to have such beautiful places so close to Boston, we will be back ;-)

      Thank you,