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Hybrid propulsion testing

Sea trials are continuing. Today was spent testing the hybrid propulsion system. It works perfectly – 9.6 knots boat speed with the electrical motors, and very good regeneration results when sailing. We are happy with the results and the environement will be as well. Thanks to e
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Sea trials continuing

The sea trials in Xiamen are continuing & Moonwave is doing great. Each time we are again amazed by her performances. We are looking forward to a bit stronger winds to test her in all kind of conditions.                   Would you like
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The tender is here!

Finally, the tender is finished, fully tested and in the water. All carbon fiber construction makes it light, stiff and fast. Looks more like Ferrari then a Dinghy …   Would you like to come aboard? Here are informations about chartering our sailing boat.
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Sea trial

Great start of sea trials of Moonwave during last week with Peter Johnstone &  Stephan. She looks and is very fast even in light winds …  Next episode coming in few weeks You can also enjoy a short video about Moonwave’s first sea trials in our Movie section… Wou
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Departure from the Yard

Moonwave is leaving the Yard, first time in the sea, moving to the brand new Marina in Xiamen. Sea trials starting soon…     Would you like to come aboard? Here are all informations about sailing catamaran charter.
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The mast is on, the rigging fits…

The mast is on! The rig has been stepped and tested successfully. The launch date is coming closer. The whole team is looking forward to see Moonwave in the water …                         Would you like to come aboard?
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