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Short trip to Amsterdam for METS

METS – the world largest Marine Equipment Trade Show (B2B) To explain it in one word – METS is really “huge”. About 1.400 expeditors and about 22.000 professional visitors. We spend all three days to meet our suppliers & technicians and this was awesome. As we are doing some modif
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Our catamaran’s hybrid system works great

catamaran in action
Here just a short update as we get often questions about the hybrid system as the system is very new and exciting and didn’t work out that well on other boats that tried earlier. We have the pleasure to have one of the first hybrid systems that really works and love to do regene
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Final seatrials and testing…

Testing Moonwave
Today’s seatrials went great, at the beginning not a lot of wind – perfect conditions to test the integrated MOM-8 Man-Over-Board safety equipment, which worked great – and Sophie got picked up again after the test :-) Later there was a nice light breeze. We continue
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First impressions from the finished “interior”

navigation station
For those who are looking forward to discovering the interior of Moonwave – here one picture of the nav station. Further pictures are coming within the next weeks… Greetings from Xiamen – Sophie & Stéphane   Would you like to come aboard? Here are informatio
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Sailcover is on…

Moonwave got her new mainsail cover today – looking great!!!   Would you like to come aboard? Here are informations about sailing catamaran charter.
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Great day & great speed

Today we had a great day of seatrial. Moonwave doesn’t only look stunning, she also sails amazing: Solent, Screecher, big yellow Spinnaker – we tried them all & did 20.6 knots of boat speed, might have been very close to fly a hull…   Would you like to come
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The protective covers come off …

The covers protecting the interior and furniture come off gradually, revealing a beautifully designed salon. Helm station and have a clean, hyper-modern layout and offer 360 degree visibility and total electronic awareness with dual radars, docking cameras and night vision. Galley is
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Hybrid propulsion testing

Sea trials are continuing. Today was spent testing the hybrid propulsion system. It works perfectly – 9.6 knots boat speed with the electrical motors, and very good regeneration results when sailing. We are happy with the results and the environement will be as well. Thanks to e
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Sea trials continuing

The sea trials in Xiamen are continuing & Moonwave is doing great. Each time we are again amazed by her performances. We are looking forward to a bit stronger winds to test her in all kind of conditions.                   Would you like
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The tender is here!

Finally, the tender is finished, fully tested and in the water. All carbon fiber construction makes it light, stiff and fast. Looks more like Ferrari then a Dinghy …   Would you like to come aboard? Here are informations about chartering our sailing boat.
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