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Crossings – Atlantic vs. Pacific [July 2020]

Is there a difference between the transatlantic and the transpacific crossing on board Moonwave?
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Time flies by… [April 2020]

In this time of “reflection” I wanted to use this opportunity to talk a bit about my own “Moonwave Journey”. As the title says: “Time flies by” and it’s now over 8, yes eight years that I have joined Moonwave and her adventures. Luckily both Moonwave and myself have barely
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Moonwave Transatlantic Crossing – a bit of celestial navigation

Moonwave Transatlantic Crossing – a bit of celestial navigation Moonwave is equipped with high tech electronics of the latest generation – B&G H5000 as well as MaxSea and Adrena on a laptop computer. And for sure there are a couple of backup GPS receivers and also apps
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Moonwave – Transatlantic crossing May/June 2018

Transatlantic crossing 2018
Moonwave’s second transatlantic crossing is in the books – the first time East to West. We had a good passage but next time if possible will stick to a normal “schedule” with departure from the Canary Islands between Nov to Feb. We left Lanzarote a bit “out of season” for transa
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Across the “pond” – crossing the Atlantic on board Moonwave

What a great crossing with an amazing boat (Moonwave) and fun crew with also good sailing conditions. And we want to do it again !!! Here some more info about our Atlantic crossing and how we prepared for two weeks at sea. Preparation & Provisioning: Our Preparation went quiet fas
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