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The Atoll of Fakarava [July 2020]

A beautiful Atoll of the Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia  Lat/Long: 016° 18 South / 145° 38 West   Our second stop in French Polynesia was the atoll of Fakarava. The island groups are quiet far apart. The trip from Nuku Hiva to Fakarava was a straight line of 560 nm – tha
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Landfall in Nuku Hiva [July 2020]

  A beautiful Island – main island of the Marquesas Island Group of French Polynesia Lat/Long: 008° 55 South / 140°06 West The first stop after our Pacific Ocean crossing from the Galápagos Islands, we aimed for the beautiful Marquesas Islands group. Nuku Hiva is not the fi
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Darwin to Gauguin [July 2020]

 Two hulls – Two sailors – One awesome boat – One ocean – 3365NM of Pacific Ocean in between & 14 sunset later… A short summary of certain aspect of our recent trip from Santa Cruz, Galápagos Islands to Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands. In the past we hav
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