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Moonwave in Thailand

Greetings from sunny Phuket, Thailand !!! We had a great trip from Singapore to Phuket with our 10 guests on board. This cruise offered a lot of different aspects of sailing and life on board and lots of fun. Thank you guys – it was a pleasure having you on board!!! Here are som
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Arrival in Singapore

We had a great sail as close as 3 nm of Raffles Marina under sail only… Must sail that the shipping activity point of view Hong Kong was quiet busy but Singapore is just impressive. None of us had ever seen that many cargo ships and tankers concentrated at such a short coast lin
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Coming close to Singapore

By the look at the chart plotter, we can notice that Singapore isn’t that far anymore… One of the busiest shipping harbors in the world. All the triangles on the screen show other vessels, some of this cargo ships are over 1100 ft long and really huge. More news from Moonw
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The sun is back

After several days of strong winds, big seas and squalls, today the sun is back & we have not decided on who is more bright: the sun or our big yellow asymmetric kite… We left Xiamen with cold weather on Christmas Eve and now it’s time to get the bikini out ;-) summer
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Windy, windy

It is blowing 45knots & we are enjoying the nice dry saloon on board of Moonwave… She is behaving great with 2 reefs in the mainsail going downwind. Happy new year to everyone… P.S.: we hit over 30.2 knots these days… new record Would you like to come aboard? Her
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First fish

fishing on board
We catched our first fish on board of Moonwave today, just in time for New Year’ Eve dinner… By the way, if anyone coming down the South China Sea, meets one of the other two fish with our pink squid, please ask them to return to us at Raffles Marina in Singapore ;-) Would
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What a beautiful day…

We are very lucky of spending a beautiful day on board with sunshine, blue sky and little breeze. The wind has dropped down a bit and finally the water got blue again. We are still on a port tack now flying our red 200sqm spinnaker. With the full mainsail a total of 344sqm of sail, no
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Moonwave on the move

Moonwave is on the move… Sorry for the belated Christmas wishes, we wish everyone a happy holiday season!!! We left Xiamen on Christmas Eve for our Maiden trip with Moonwave. We have the honor to sail with Peter Johnstone and Francesca from Xiamen to Singapore. Our first stop wa
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By night time

The underwater lights are working great – we are looking forward to using them during night time at the anchorage with crystal clear water and lots of fish around… Would you like to come aboard? Here are informations about catamaran charter.
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