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Caribbean to Bahamas

We had a “dream” sail from St. Martin to Bahamas – light wind conditions but perfect sailing. We left St. Martin with a laughing and a crying eye. We really loved our time in the Caribbean islands but we are looking forward to heading off to the Bahamas and New Engla
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Caribbean season 2016 is over ;-(

Round-up of a beautiful Caribbean season… Time is flying by and we have spent five awesome months in the Caribbean islands, the second half mostly between St. Martin, BVI and USVI. This was Moonwave’s first season in the Leeward Islands and she probably enjoyed it as much
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Moonwave in the Caribbean – Dec 2015

Time has been flying by – some would say that’s the case if you have fun ;-) We arrived in the BVI & Caribbean for the first time in mid November after a successful participation in the Caribbean 1500 Rally. Since them we sailed quiet a bit in between the islands and w
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Moonwave sailing South with Caribbean 1500 Rally

Sunshine, clear water and beautiful anchorages & beaches -> YES, Moonwave arrived in the Caribbean Islands.  After a beautiful summer in New England and fall in the Chesapeake, the temperatures were dropping and it was getting dark earlier – it was time to migrate SOUTH a
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A great summer in New England

Sunset at Thomaston, Maine
Amazing – that’s probably the best word to describe our “first” summer in New England – after our time in Rhode Island, Buzzards Bay, Boston and surroundings, we spent the rest of the summer in Maine. It was our first time in Maine and now after having be
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Moonwave – from a “bird” perspective

Check out the amazing pictures and video of Moonwave seen from the sky – isn’t she beautiful? No wind that day at Boston Light at the entrance of Boston, MA – Moonwave is moving nicely under electric power. Thanks to Wayne Dion who posted the video on youtube. Enjoy
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Sailing the US East Coast – US Coast Guards

I might have already mentioned in one of my last posts that we are pretty impressed by the US Coast Guards – here some more “details” why. Not to say that other country don’t also have have great services like the US Coast Guards but you just don’t hear “
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Moonwave in Boston (August 2015)

We had the chance to pass a couple of days and weekends in and around Boston in August 2015 and it was great. Our mooring was just in front of Rowes Wharf in the financial district of Boston. Nice mooring but a significant number of excursion boats passing by. We enjoyed the launch se
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Impressions from New England – July 2015

Moonwave at sunrise (no photoshop)
Moonwave and her crew are at the moment in New England – so far we have visited parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, other area are planned for the rest of the summer. We are impressed by the active Sailing community in this area. There are lots of sailing boats of all diffe
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Happy “log” anniversary, Moonwave

First 10.000 nm achived
Happy “logversary” (log anniversary) for Moonwave – we are celebrating the first 10.000 nautical miles travelled together. It took a bit of time – we had couple of pitstops since her first launch – but now Moonwave is sailing along really really nicely. T
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